William Allen – Yvonne Cooper – 20120406

From: “Yvonne Cooper” <yvonne.cooper@activ8.net.au>
Subject: [FENIANS] William Phillip ALLEN -fenian hung 1867 at Manchester
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 12:49:03 +1000

Hi, I am researching William Philip ALLEN, one of the Manchester Martyrs. He was hung at Salford, Manchester 23 Nov 1867. I am trying to prove he was the Uncle of my grandmother-in-law as she had said. I have obtained his death certificate with his name given as William O’Mara ALLEN (same name as given on prison admittance record). I am looking for his any information about his family, his birth (about Apr 1848 near Thurles, Tipperary or possibly at Bandon, Cork), the names of his parents and his 4th brother and his sister who lived in Cork in 1867. His other three brothers were James, Joseph & Peter and they and William were converted to Roman Catholicism in 1866. His father’s name was either Henry Thomas ALLEN or Thomas ALLEN (1814?-1909?). He was a constable and later keeper of the Bridewell at Bandon, Cork from about 1851 to 1868. His father was a protestant and his mother was a Catholic Several sources state William was born in Tipperary in Apr 1848 and moved to Bandon when he was 3 years old. His speech from the dock “My name is William Philip ALLEN and I was born and reared in Bandon, Cork”. Many of the documents I have read refer to his mother, sister, aunts, cousin, and brother without mentioning their names. I have read so many documents that it is frustrating to still be missing the key names. I think I have found his sister in Cork and if I am correct she would be the Aunt of my grandmother-in-law, but I want to prove it not assume it. Any advice would be appreciated. Yvonne Cooper (Australia)